La Belle Deesse


alicia2Location: California

When I arrived in Haiti for my kanzo, I knew no one but the lwa. Little did I know that I was to begin a journey that was going to completely transform me.The kanzo is one of death, rebirth, and for me , endurance. There were many challenges to overcome in a short period of time but I knew, my lwa would pull me through. The light and beauty of vodou shines very, very brightly through the kanzo.I received a new family, friends, got closer to my lwa than I ever thought possible. I learned that I am much, much stronger than I had previously given myself credit for. It is a lesson of endurance, patience, trust, and above all, faith. Faith in yourself, your lwa, your parents, and your society.The kanzo transform me from a hounsi simple to a strong healthy, capable mambo assogwe. Ayibobo !!!!!!

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