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Haiti: L’Union Fait La Force


Ayibobo to all

Everyone around the world is aware of the earthquake that destroyed Haiti, on January 12 2010 at 4:45 pm. The destruction has injured 250,000 people, and it has killed over 500,000, left one million Haitians homeless, and left 250,000 missing. Something we havenít seen for a long time in Haiti is solidarity from people all around the world. Citizens from countries are gathering together to raise funds to help our nation in despair. Unfortunately, it seems as if not much help is reaching the people in need as all the funds were given to large organizations. Itís taking longer then anticipated for help to arrive to the Haitian people, meanwhile people are dieing of hunger, dehydration, and the majority of people have no place to live .

I want to remind every one that this has nothing to do with religion, gender, race, or color itís all about humanity. Since the tragedy struck, Labelle Deesse foundation has been cooking, distributing water and food to over one hundred people everyday. Weíve been doing it on our own for the past three weeks with no help or donations from anybody. Now weíre asking for your help. We are asking you to donate whatever you can so we can feed as many desperate people as we can, in order to help them survive and wait for changes that will come.

Our brothers and sisters in Haiti needs your help now, please join us in helping them!

May the spirits and our ancestors bless you all! Ayibobo!

Announcement: Kanzo on August 12, 2014

We are happy to say that we will be having a KANZO on August 12 2014.

The feast for Maitress Erzuli Dantor

The feast for maitress erzuli dantor, the mother of all the goddess of courage and strength, the warrior who never fails a battle. Bilolo!

In haiti Happy birthday to ti jean dantor, bonne fete st-jean asawo!

In haiti Happy birthday to ti jean dantor, bonne fete st-jean asawo!

Haitian mothers day/ bonne fete manman ou merite sa

Haitian mothers day/ bonne fete manman ou merite sa.

Animal offering and Feast in Haiti

In Haiti, the first day is the animal offering to cousin zaka and his escorts the god of agriculture in Haitian vodou, and the second day is the feast. Allasso!