La Belle Deesse

Escorts: Kouzin zaka, azaca medeh, zaka crib, zaca tonnerre, cousine.

Colors: royal blue, denim karabela, green, blue squared also known as akaro

Azaca medeh, kousin zaka is one of the most popular spirit in the Haitian Vodou. Under St. Isidor the GOD of agriculture and patron loa of the farmers.

He is the answer to all the prayers of the farmers and servers, devotees of kouzin, he is an extremely hard worker he helps in all aspects of life, a very gentle and kind spirit not known to be as strict as ogou and others when it comes to respecting his day when your married to him, in the spirit world he is married to the spirit name cousine also known as ST GERMAINE, his day is Thursday there is more then one kouzin am only referring to kouzin zaka he has no alternate sinister in petro or gede he is also affiliated to labor day in Haiti, ST jack and ST philippe in jacmel (south of port-au-prince) the whole month of may is dedicated to kouzin by all the vodouisants around the world that’s when they have his feast for him.

Kouzin is a very respected loa, he enjoys the simple things in life, he is a farmer a country man or (peasant) he wears a broad brimmed straw hat, djakout, sickle, manchete and multi colored scarf’s (mouchoirs) tied on the djakout, he smokes tobacco in a pipe, he drinks klerin steeped with lanni, absinth, zodevan, cinnamon sticks.

His items: cui, lamp, little cup, pipe, hat, djakout and tobacco

Items for djakout: coconut,cassava, avocado, mango, sweets as tablets,peanuts, bread, banana, kola, coffee, tea, sugar cane, bonbon syrop, and money.

Food offerings: chaka, goat, bull, coq zinga, plantains, yams, all fruits and vegetables.

Like Ogou and others he marries with female devotees (servitors) the lucky ones, in Santeria he is known as oxossi orisha of the forest it’s the same in Yoruba mythology in candomble & lucumi it’s ozain or osain.

A song for Kouzin
Kouzin oh oh oh oh neg mwe azaka mede neg mwe
Gade ane wap resi mange neg mwe
oh oh oh azaka mede oh neg mwe
minis oh neg mwe oh azaka mede neg mwe
gade ane wap resi mange neg mwe
oh oh oh azaka mede oh neg mwe
ane sila wap resi mange neg mwe oh azaka mede oh neg mwe.
Alasso lamiral