La Belle Deesse

dambala-aidawedoEscort: rada

Colors: white the purest of whites, green

The divine serpents that is believed to create the rainbow both male and female. In vodou damballa is one of the most pretigious loa in the rada nation; he is skygod and considerd the primordial creator of all life forms. He is an extremely important lwa (loa) in initiation and of the day of awakening (lever kanzo) he is also a member of petro escorts by the name of Danballa Laflambeau.

Danballa is a snake, married to ayida wedo a lover to maitress erzuli freda, his day is thursday.

In a ceremony there is no smoking or drinking alcool until they finish saluting freda, danballa don’t smoke or drink alcool a very wise and pure spirit he is a loa of minimal responsibility, gentle, kind he is very good in helping with fertility problems, in possession he does not talk or walk he is covered under white sheets meanwhile being sprinkled with pompeia parfum but he makes hissing noises.

Offering: syrop d’orgeat, a plate of white flour with one or two raw eggs the other for the wife they walk together, white & green cake or just pick one color, pompeia parfum, white colored rooster (white hen) for ayida.

In catholic: he is St Patrick the patron of ireland

Haitian vodou: Danballa Wedo

Greek mythology: Aesculapius Yoruba, Santeria, Camdonble: Oshunmare / Uxumare

Hinduism: shiva

Some vodou houses use st moise to represent him, just like the other male loa’s danballa marries his female devotees in a very sacred beautiful ceremony he is known to be patient when he ask for marriage.

Ayida Wedo: the loa of fertility, rainbows and snakes the wife of Danballa Wedo, she’s a protector and a giver of blessings.

Catholic: St. Martha

Greek: Medusa

Colors are green and white same as husbands but green is mostly use for her, she’s an extremely rare loa (lwa) if you go to a ceremony you won’t see them calling ayida like they call for danballa, she is called upon special request as rare as she is she’s one of the most precious, peaceful lwa there is, her offerings are the same as danballa.
Benin: snake temple of ouidah

The town of ouidah is the spiritual capital of voodoo in west africa where houedah (snake worshippers) pay homage to the python god.

The python temple is built around an ancient tree where goats and birds are sacrificed to the serpent spirit.

The inner courtyard contains purification huts where priest/ priestesses prepare themselves for contact with the spirit world. Murals on the largest hut illustrate the history of houedah worship: inside here are ten of the much revered pythons, which are free to leave and roam at will. Snakes have considerable symbolic significance in voodoo culture. The serpent loa dangbe or (danballa) has been revered in west africa for centuries as sush the loa’s ancestor the python is also worshipped by the dangbe ancestors which protect the village harvest from rodents, are believed to act as intermediaries between the physical and the spiritual world.

Houedah devotees converse with the priest or priesstess who via contact with the pythons act as medium to advise on the best form of worship or sacrificed. As gods the pythons do not die they simply disappear. Their remains are buried under the tree where pilgrims leave offerings of palm oil at a shrine among the roots which themselves resemble the pythons slithering around the temple.

Songs : for danballa and ayida

Danballa wedo se kouleve oh oh ayida wedo se kouleve oh oh
Pral fe yo we sa danballa wedo nou pral fe yo we sa ayibobo
Ayida wedo se kouleve oh oh danballa wedo se kouleve oh oh
Mpral fe yo we sa danballa wedo nou pral fe you we sa ayibobo
2- file ma file danballa wedo se kouleve oh file ma file
Ayida wedo se kouleve oh oh file ma file
File ma file danballa wedo se kouleve oh oh filem ma file