La Belle Deesse

The second most popular goddess of beauty, love and luxury in the Haitian vodou rada nation(escort)

Her colors are: White, Pink and Turquoise Blue.

Her escorts are: Faro Jean, Moucher Pierre, jean Laurent, Dereyale, Ceverine, Manze Lovana, Maitress Dayila, Granne Erzuli, Granne Adelayi, Granne Silibo, Granne Alouba Maitress Erzuli Freda, klemezine, Manze Marie and many more.

Her day is also Thursday she’s a younger version of maitress erzulie Freda, manze philomise is from the river of limonade in au cap in the north side of Haiti she’s served mostly in the north, she’s very polite, gentle and friendlier to the females not as prejudice as erzuli Freda she also marries her human male servitors. She’s not known to have a husband in the spiritual world it’s also noted that she died very young as young as 19years old. She loves attention, passion, affection, beauty she loves luxury and everything high class the difference between her and erzili Freda is, she’s a hard worker she takes care of her male devotees, she’ a spirit of loyalty and sophistication yet she’s not lazy.

Her catholic counter part is st Philomena.

Her offerings: Florida, anais perfume, bien etre, sweet liqueur, arbor mist, rose champagne, white rice pudding, white rice, fruits, jewelry lots of gold, she loves flowers all kinds but her favorites are lily’s, her candles are blue and pink.


Bale kay philomise bale Kayla, balekayla philomise domi deyo
Bale Kayla philomise bale Kayla, balekayla sak pabon mete deyo
Balekayla philomise balekayla, balekayla philomise domi deyo.
moin soti oh oh oh nan rivier ahahah
moin soti oh oh oh nan rivier ahahah
moin soti oh oh oh nan rivier ahahah
moin soti oh oh oh nan rivier ahahah
moin d ice moin mim lareine filomise oh oh oh nan riviere, gde moin soti nan riviere ahahahaah