La Belle Deesse


rachel2Location: England

My name is Rachel, and I live in England. I was initiated Mambo Sou Point by my spiritual mothers La belle deesse soulage minfot bonmambo and La reine edeyo soulage minfot bon mambo and my spiritual father Ankagouelez bon hougan. My spiritual name is Fe yo we la reine edeyo soulage minfot bon mambo and Marinette rules my head. Whilst in Haiti,I received 8 spirits and I made kanzo with my sisters Raphny, Beatrice, Marie Carmel,Urma, Alisa and Sherley. For my part, I can’t really remember when I first encountered the Lwa. It’s apparent to me now they have manifest in my life since I was a small child and chose me from before I was born. For the most part, I have followed a wiccan path and am blessed to have been born with the gifts of clairaudiency, dreaming true, divination and clairvoyancy. As I grew up, I was very drawn to the idea of following a religious vocation and was a practising catholic for many years, but found myself unfulfilled by my faith and quite literally drifting. About four years ago, I received my spiritual wake up call and began working with the angels who inspired me to study courses in aromatherapy, acupuncture, crystal healing, angel healing, meditation, massage, flower remedies and reiki to master level. The prospect of making kanzo was a daunting task. It was not a decision that I arrived at lightly. There are no sosoyetes operating here in the UK to my knowledge and Canada and the United States are an expensive plane ticket and 8 hours flight away. But a period of incredible hardship and heartache, a desire to serve God and spirit and an acknowledgement on my part that my life was not in balance as it should be, culminated in my decision to kanzo. Whilst in Haiti, my Godmother, Adline, was the absolute best xlolx and took fabulous care of me alongside my mothers, who were with me from the moment I cleared customs at Haiti airport to the moment I cleared immigration to leave (trying hard to fight back my tears I should add!) In fact, I was welcomed into my mothers family and home in the same way I was welcomed into the sosoyete namely, with open arms. Leading up to entering the Djevo, I spent several hours a day in the presence of my mothers, papa and other long serving Houngans and Mambos who taught me how to pray, serve, dance and so many other aspects of serving the lwa. Training was rigorous and tiring but extremely rewarding. On entering the Djevo, I took an oath not to discuss what passed there with anyone other than my mothers, papa or sister kanzo, so I can’t reveal the details of what happened whilst in there. In any event, kanzo is a very private experience and is different for each and everyone of us. For me it established unequivocably the presence of spirit and forged and amplified my connection with my ancestors and the spirits that walk with me each and every day. It helped me to acknowledge how far I had actually already come in my life, how much I already knew and just how much I still have to learn! I entered the Djevo looking for answers but in truth, I think I emerged with almost as many questions, such is life! On the night I emerged from the Djevo, I made one further lifelong commitment to my spirits and in a wonderful, joyful ceremony married Damballah, Couzan and Ogoun. Since I completed kanzo and my 41 days ended, my spirits, life, continues to test me. But none of that matters anymore because with each experience be it good or bad, my spirits are here with me, guiding me in my dreams and in my waking life, showing me the way forward and taking wonderful care of me. My life which had become such a hardship flows again! I feel blessed to have been indoctrinated into Sosoyete La belle deesse dereale which embraces all shapes, sexes, colours, orientations and creeds. Thank you my mama and papa kanzo. Thank you my spirits

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