La Belle Deesse



After baptism you’re a new person, with a brand new life and bigger responsibility, one of the most important days in an initiate’s life. You also get to enjoy what you’ve become and embrace all of the spirits in your baptism day.

In La Belle Deesse Dereale Society each initiates wears a different color for their baptism, so they can become the rainbow that the spirits represent. After being baptized their eyes are open, they have new names, bigger responsibility and a new role in the community. They’ll gain knowledge in those two weeks as if they were there for 5 years.

After becoming what your spirits want and expect from you, you’ll have a lot more to deal with than just your spirits. If you noticed in the initiation page through lever kanzo the borders that I used are suppose to enlighten each in every one of you differently. In case you missed them here they are!
Initiation : Leads to independence and changes.
Appreciation : Appreciate what you have, which you are, and what you’ve become, and most of all what you’ve been given by your spiritual elders cherish it all with your heart and soul.
Integrity : Always have integrity.
Freedom: Now you have your freedom how far do you want to take it.
Actions : Your actions speak louder than words, and are more important than they were before.
Honesty : Always be honest with yourself that way you’ll always be honest with others.
Faith : Your faith is number one in everything you do, faith in the spirits then you’re self. Without it you’re an empty bag.
The Mirror : It represents everything you are that you can’t see.
Objective : You need to have it way before you get initiated.
Vulnerability : You can never allow yourself to be vulnerable.
Reality : You need to be realistic with your learning process allow your self-time to learn as much time as needed.
Responsibility : Being called by the spirits comes with great responsibilities.
Sad : You can’t get sad or frustrated because you haven’t mastered your craft yet.
Expression : You have to always represent who you are and what you are with pride and integrity.

These were a few words of wisdom from the La Belles.