La Belle Deesse

Lever Kanzo

Lever Kanzo (The Awakening) is a special day and the beginning of a brand new life with the strength of the spirits and the degree you’ve received. On this page I want to show the beauty of Vodou – the beauty that the media never shows. Vodou is one of the oldest religions and one of the most beautiful traditions, but people never get to see it. I’ll share with you the most beautiful and important sectors that Mambos and Houngans are suppose to master in order to become a great priestess or priest. One has to learn and master those sections in order to be the best to your spirits, community, society, and yourself.

1. La priere guinea. The prayers of guinea are a valuable asset in Vodou. The prayer lines the spirits up, one after the other, for a feast and it calls all nations to come forth. A good prayer can last up to 2 hours or more. Without a proper la priere guinea and regleman the spirits won’t be present in whatever it is you’re doing.

2. Veves / the symbols and rituals of the spirits (also called ceremony). You have to know and have all the correct ceremonies, a ceremony is when they start tracing on the floor with corn flour, and other different things. All the spirits have their own veves and rituals.

3. Langaj. Language of the spirits. You have to know how to call upon the spirits, how to open the door when they’re in the way to mount someone and stop. You must be able to bring the spirit back with the language that’s the tool that allows the spirits to know your capable of taking care of what they give you and able to do your work.

4. Asson / the sacred rattle: the most beautiful part in Vodou is when a Mambos or Houngans are exchanging their knowledge with the asson, the asson has its own language, every movement with the asson means something, and the asson is also use to call on the spirits. The asson is the most sacred object in Vodou, they can use the asson to approve a Mambo or Houngan, it can also be used to disapprove them. It’s like a test they test you and if you fail, you are not worthy or qualified to be a priestess or a priest for that matter. All of those sections I just explained are extremely crucial in the initiation process and in the life of Mambo and Houngan without these there’s a lot that can’t be done. And here we go back to saying patients, time, and faith in your spirits and in your self are needed with the support of your house (society) is important as well.