La Belle Deesse


You might be wondering, What exactly are Rada spirits? In Haitian Vodou, the Lwa (spirits) are divided within various groups and categories. The Rada nation is white and is greeted first in ceremony . At the beginning of every Vodou ceremony the first greeting is sent to the Outor (drum). Next, we greet Gran Ximenez (the path that leads to the spirit world) and then we greet Legba, the Lwa (spirit) who opens the door. Below you’ll find several of the most popular Rada spirits: Many of you are wondering what is Rada? In voodoo, there are several groups and nations as well as in our own lives. Rada the group is “white. ” In voodoo, white are greeted first. At the beginning of ceremony , first greetings are sent to: First, the Outor (drum), second in Gran Ximenes (the path that leads to the spirit world) and thirdly, Legba, the lwa first to be welcomed, one who opens doors for others.