La Belle Deesse


magalieLocation: Canada

Nom Vanyan: Soulage Minfot Bon Mambo

Mambo Assogoue

She has been serving and working with the spirits for over 47 years. A 3rd generation mambo she has been serving the spirits all her life. She has spirits from her father and mothers lineage. She has been working for people spiritualy ever since she was was seven years old. she became a mambo assogwe on her 33rd year. Her spiritual mother was Mrs. Victor. She was located in wanne 93 in Carrefour the lacours name was( lacour pon sonde numero 1). She was one of the biggest mambo in Carrefour in her time she’s also known as Adieu Minfo Bon Mambo, the spiritual daughter of Agasse Gacon Bon Houngan. She was well known and well respected. La Belle Deesse became a Mambo Assogwe on July 18, 1984. Her spiritual name is Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo. Unfortunately a year after her spiritual mother died and, she continues to pay homage to her by following the traditions of her mother’s society. It’s been 48 years since La Belle have been serving the spirits and helping people spiritually worldwide.

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